Our Services

Our Services

We provide the following services

  • U-Joint Replacement
  • Differential Overhaul
  • Gear Ratio Changes
  • Locking Carrier Installation
  • Transfer Case Overhaul
  • Driveshaft Fabrication
  • Slip Yoke Replacement
  • Driveshaft Balancing
  • Differential Narrowing

U-Joint Replacement

  • Don't ignore any vibration you feel as you drive. That vibration could be a U-joint that is failing.
  • Factory U-joints typically have no grease fittings. The lack of lubrication can cause the tiny roller bearings inside the cups that fit over the trunnions to fail.

A second common reason for U-joint failure is an excessive drive-shaft angle. This is usually caused by lifting or lowering the vehicle's suspension system. This must be resolved by leveling the drive-train or additional failures will occur. Our staff has the experience and training to make sure that you have worry free driving.

Differential Overhaul

Noise in the differential usually leads to the need to overhaul the unit.

Some of the causes of the noise are listed below:

  1. A whirring noise while decelerating at any speed is most likely caused by a bad pinion bearing or a loose pinion bearing preload.
  2. A howl or whine during acceleration is usually caused by worn ring and pinion gears or an improper gear set up.
  3. Regular clunking every few feet may indicate broken ring or pinion gears.
  4. Banging or clunking only on corners can be caused by broken spider gears, lack of sufficient positraction lubrication, or worn positraction clutches.

We have brought new life to many differentials that have been abused or are worn out. These overhauls require expertise as well as specialized equipment to meet or exceed factory specifications.

Gear Ratio Changes

We have the ability to change the ratio of most differentials. Clear communication with the customer will help determine which ratio will best suit the application of the vehicle or equipment in question. Changing the gear ratio has an effect on many different factors. We will take the time to insure that the customer ends up with the correct ratio for their application.

Locking Carrier Installation

Determining what type of differential you have is a matter of raising up the vehicle and turning the drive wheels. If you turn one wheel and the opposite wheel turns in the opposite direction you have an open differential. If you turn one wheel and the opposite wheel turns in the same direction you have a positraction or locking differential. We have the facility and the expertise to install all types of differentials. This is an installation that requires specialized tools and expertise to insure that you don't have a problem in the future.

Aluminum vs. Steel
While the majority of driveshafts in today's vehicles are made of steel, there are applications for aluminum as well. The advantage of aluminum is in its lack of weight. Aluminum allows us the opportunity to save weight and maintain strength. Less weight gives an improvement in performance in many race car applications. In the case of the General Motors Duramax Diesel, strength and weight is our advantage. Our aluminum driveshafts for these vehicles exceed the strength of the factory steel driveshaft.

Transfer Case Overhaul

There are two distinct types of transfer cases. The first is a chain-driven transfer case. These primarily drive only the front axle. These are commonly found in pick-ups and SUV's. The second type is a gear driven transfer case. These are generally found in large trucks, but there are currently several gear drive cases in production for passenger cars.

In addition to the different types of transfer cases, there is a myriad of different gear ratios. With our many years of experience we have acquired the knowledge necessary to overhaul or rebuild any and all transfer cases. From diagnosing a problem to changing gear rations, we have the equipment and expertise to solve your problems.